Creating more inspiring, enriching environments has always been a passion for Mike Baker.

As a PSC Principal and the Design Leader of PSC’s  K-12 Education Architecture Sector, his experience includes directing complex master plan exercises and developing many successful bond referenda for K-12 clients. Mike’s expertise is in designing educational environments that often exceed his clients’ expectations.

He builds consensus among facility users and community partners during the design process and has led the design of more than 5 million square feet of educational facilities. Mike’s expertise lends an understanding of how diverse learning styles and modalities can affect the school‘s built environment. He was part of PSC’s architecture team that was invited by the Department of Defense Education Activity to develop its 21st Century Educational Specifications, and analyze their impact on school design.

In 2012, he presented The Influence of 21st Century Education Principles on K-12 School Facility Design to his peers at the Texas Society of Architects annual convention in Austin, Texas. Mike has lead collaborative design charrettes, resulting in innovative master plans and many award-winning designs. Several of Mike’s architectural illustrations have been selected for publication in the American Society of Architectural Illustrators’ international journal.

“I believe Building Community is the opportunity to enrich our citizens in the way they live, learn, worship, and work through the projects we are a part of.  I believe we also have a more indirect responsibility—by giving back to our clients, and community – especially those less fortunate, or who struggle to meet the challenges that each day presents.”