Hector De Santiago joined the PSC team in January 2003, bringing with him a diverse background of experience in different building that include educational, healthcare, commercial, religious, municipal and recreational facilities.

Hector garnered his diverse experience with a local firm for nearly 10 years before joining the PSC team to start the architectural department in the El Paso office. His experience has been strengthened through his role as a K-12 Education Studio Leader and excelled as an expert in 21st Century Learning Environments. Some of Hector’s main responsibilities include staff management, client manager and project manager.

In the role of staff manager, he capitalizes on assigning staff to projects that will take advantage of that individual’s strengths and expertise. As a client manager, he listens to clients to fully understand the scope of the projects and negotiates the breadth of services and respective compensation. Hector has served PSC in the roles of Corporate Associate and Studio Leader for the El Paso Architectural Department since August 2006, and became a Principal in 2010.