Brian Griggs has always loved the idea of evolving an idea into a sketch, design, model and eventual built edifice. It’s this love for architecture and intriguing design that has made him into a prominent figure in the higher education sector.

Brian is a Principal based in PSC’s Amarillo Office in the Higher Education Sector. His expertise includes collegiate and multi-facility master planning, charrette coordination, pre-design programming of higher educational facilities, and the design of instructional, laboratory, student life, and residential facilities for community colleges, CTE institutions and universities. Brian is a member of the Society for College and University Planning and has served as a speaker at the Association of Texas College and University Facilities Professionals (TCUF) Conferences in 2012 and 2014.

He is immersed in the wide gamut of dynamic issues of design, pedagogy, and functionality that are driving and shaping American higher education in the 21st Century. Brian has been involved in or directly designed facilities and/or master planning efforts for eight separate higher educational institutions in Texas and New Mexico.

Brian has recently published a book on the architectural heritage of Texas Tech University, “Opus in Brick and Stone: The Architectural and Planning Heritage of Texas Tech University.”

“PSC exudes this wonderful combination of creative and collaborative work environment with the added value of being a community of friends and family.”