Problem solving and building were always two of Allan Wolf’s favorite things growing up. It’s the two main things that led him to pursue his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering before landing at PSC’s front step in 1995.

For more than 20 years, Wolf has been a part of the PSC family. He currently serves as a Principal and Director of Business Development in K-12 Education. Allan applies his passion for educational facilities by helping school districts all over Texas and New Mexico through the process of facility assessment, master-planning, and bond planning. He has conducted and supervised facility condition assessments for more than 28 million square feet of educational inventory in 31 states and has helped more than 40 school districts in Texas pass bond referendums ranging from $3.6 million to $198 million.

Allan and his team have been leaders in the research and design of flexible learning environments, facilities for career and technical education, early childhood centers, and more unique services like predictive analytics and benchmarking in school planning and long-term cost of ownership studies. He believes in putting his professional skills to work to improve his community. Allan served as the Vice Director for Publicity and Education for the Governor’s Texas Engineers Task Force on Homeland Security. He also served as the statewide Engineers’ Week publicity chairman for two years. Allan has been a proud supporter and volunteer for the Pre-Engineering and robotics class at his high school alma mater.

“Building Community is a commitment, a long-term one, to serve the communities I am blessed to work in with my time, talents and treasure.  I try to approach each project with a perspective that includes how solving a problem can make a lasting impact on students, teachers and parents.”