Mike Molter is a project manager and member of the Site Development Team. Mike’s experience prior to joining PSC includes 25 years at the Texas Department of Transportation where he managed 11 maintenance section offices and two area engineering offices. Mike has significant experience in roads and bridges, but he enjoys overcoming obstacles and building relationships during the course of any project.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?

MM: There are a lot of things that I enjoy most about my job from the diverse project types that I am able to work on, such as site development projects (ie.  Texas School for the Deaf, ), to being a part of  the highway transportation sector’s regrowth at least half of my time (right Eric and Kyle!), and to being called on to assess contractors work quality or trouble shoot a construction problem. What I also enjoy most about my job is the team atmosphere and willingness to help each other, whether it’s across sector lines or in your assigned sectors.

Q. What is one of your greatest accomplishments in the time you’ve been at PSC?

MM: Probably completing the Leadership Academy program.  It’s satisfying to know that a company is that committed to improving their employees. It was a great time to bond with the folks in this group as well as have the chance to be mentored by such talented and innovated professionals.

Q. Describe a time you were challenged during a project. How did you overcome that challenge?

MM: I absolutely love being challenged. It’s not just one challenge I have been confronted with, but I’ve been learning to do all the things that professional consulting firms deal with — from doing the site development work I was originally hired for, to being that “trusted advisor” for clients.

Q. How have your previous experiences prepared you for your role with PSC?

MM: While working for the Texas Department of Transportation I was able to see a lot of different items constructed, manage people and work with a lot of contractors. After retiring from TxDOT, I went to work for an oil and gas consultant, Halker Consulting, where I gained valuable insight into the world of consulting from being hired for the projects to executing them for delivery to clients. Experiencing these things helped me to understand how all the parts come together, and a big part of that was building relationships.

Q. What is one of your favorite projects? Why is that project one of your favorites?

MM: The project that I’ve liked the most in the two years I’ve been with PSC is the Texas School for the Deaf project. What made the project special was while we were doing the facility site assessment and I needed help or directions to a building or had a question, I would ask one the students or teachers for help. We communicated by writing down the questions and answers on my paper tablet since they knew I couldn’t do sign language.