Young Life Midland knew their existing building was not fulfilling their needs and came to PSC seeking answers of how to renovate it. In 2013, after studying a number of options with them, Young Life concluded that new construction on their existing site would not only make their indoor programming better, it would also help them make their outdoor activities more effective and safer for the students.

The new building features a worship area that opens to a patio with picnic tables, rocking chairs and a fireplace. Three large garage-style doors cleanse the space with fresh air. Hundreds of students frequent the building throughout the week for Bible study and group lunches. The outdoor spaces are always available and are regularly occupied by games and fellowship. Offices, meeting spaces, a game room and a kitchen complete the functions designed for the building.

“For doing what we do, it allows kids a place to come and hang out. And that was really our hope all along that this would be, one, a place that was very user friendly but also a place kids would be comfortable in making their own.”

Rip Gibbs, Metro Director of Young Life Midland