The design and siting of the Texas Tech University Animal and Food Sciences building were developed on the basis of TTU’s Campus Master Plan with a desire to upgrade the appearance of the existing building that is located adjacent to a newly constructed multipurpose arena. The new facility is designed as a 55,000 square foot, two-story laboratory, classroom and office building with a physical connection to an existing meats lab, livestock arena, classroom and office facility.

Laboratory functions within the building include spaces for research as well as teaching for animal science and food technology. A food testing facility and a retail outlet serve as support spaces for the laboratories, a large rotunda serves as the dining area as well as a reception space for meetings and conferences. In addition, two large lecture halls can expand to serve as an extra-large conference center with a full-service commercial kitchen across the hall to provide food service during these conferences. Spaces for a lecture hall and an interactive classroom are designed as well. Office spaces include administrative, faculty, visiting scientist and graduate students. The TTU Animal and Food Sciences building is designed for flexibility and building expansion.