The Old Town streetscape project in Keller has rejuvenated the downtown area of what multiple award designations call one of America’s best small towns.

City leaders called this the most important project the City of Keller had in 20 years. Schrickel Rollins/PSC received community input before creating a master plan reflecting a small Texas town of the early 1900s. SRA/PSC also implemented the desires of city staff to balance big-city comforts with small-town charm, then prepared the project manual and guided the City through the bidding process.

A drawing with callouts of specialty features showed interesting art sculptures, bike amenities, an innovative play area and materials such as red pavement brickwork. The project dramatically transformed a former alleyway into a visually appealing and safer pedestrian promenade away from the highway.

The team reconstructed the entire infrastructure, including new streets, water and wastewater lines and storm drainage.

More than 170 new parking spaces draw shoppers and visitors. Old-timey lights line the streets, and fencing improved public safety along the highway. A giant outdoor chess board, benches, pergolas and innovative play elements such as dance chimes added charm to the downtown area. Railway-themed gateway structures add to the sense of place and welcome pedestrians. Further enhancements included creating spaces for colorful sculptures on a rotating basis.

Weekly construction meetings were valuable in respecting the business owners’ concerns, and addressing unforeseen issues while property improvements were occurring simultaneously with Old Town West construction.

The project received a Texas Chapter American Planning Associates Honorable Mention Award in 2017.

The efforts of city personnel, SRA/PSC, and the contractor resulted in a showpiece final project that generated more than $2 million of new development within that area.

Old Town’s new uptown look