Sharing the same building, the police department and municipal courts coexisted for many years, but that could not be sustained. The police department was growing at an accelerated pace, which forced the City of Borger to take action. Moving the municipal courts out of this building gave the police a few more years of service in the facility, but eventually, it could no longer sustain growth needs. As a result, the city, with the assistance of PSC, located a suitable existing structure near the current police facility. PSC then designed a renovation which would meet their needs and that is within walking distance to the municipal courts.

“[PSC] took an existing structure and fine-tuned it,” said Bruce Roberts, chief of police. “They actually did a fine job expanding on the features that we needed, and they came up with a lot of their own ideas.”

The project included minimal repartitioning to create the necessary number of office spaces, while the major renovation focused on the patrol briefing room, criminal investigations division space and work area/conference and training room. This multipurpose room also serves as a media room and has an accent wall specifically painted to be an optimal backdrop for press conferences. The interior color scheme was focused on the existing police department standard grey and blue colors, while materials were chosen to be durable and low maintenance. As with any older existing building, renovations for accessibility to the restrooms, parking and site access were also made to meet today’s standards. Wayfinding and a new monument sign outside helped citizens recognize they had a new police facility.

Police stations require more security than a typical facility, and this one is no different. Remote access, security hardware, and video monitoring are utilized along with a secure foyer and lobby space to protect the staff.

“Would  I hire them again?” Bruces said. “Yes, I would. Would I recommend them to another city? Yes, I would.”