Since joining PSC in 1982, Scott Honeyfield has been involved in the conception, design, study and management of numerous major civil engineering projects.

In 2000, he became a Corporate Associate and a Principal in 2007. He currently manages the Amarillo office where infrastructure projects are his specialty. He has made significant contributions to the conception, development and design of some of the region’s historically largest water works projects over the last 15 years. His duties have included authoring Technical Memoranda, which have established the ground work for highly technical water works projects, followed by the design and development of construction documents for these multi-million dollar projects.

Always attentive to the needs of the client, Scott fully engages the client in developing a project from conception through commissioning, but continues this interaction throughout the warranty period. This, he believes, yields significantly better designs, insightful project understanding and exceptional, enduring client relationships.

“Building Community means understanding a community’s infrastructure and needs so well that we, collectively, become integral to the community itself. So much so that we are perceived as being of that community.”