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Turning Point Community Church
Lubbock, Texas
21,000 SF

Turning Point Community Church comes from a history of relocating to new venues to accommodate their growing congregation. So when the church was presented with an opportunity to buy a 20-acre tract of land in southwest Lubbock, they seized it.

As with most young churches, Turning Point had large spatial needs and a low budget to achieve those needs. Several measures were explored to save on costs and utilize the square footage to its fullest potential. The building is comprised of a pre-engineered metal building structure with a modified concrete tilt-panel as an exterior bearing wall. The concrete system - Hi-Tech Tilt-up - employs a 2" concrete veneer cast onto heavy gauge metal studs. The system is load bearing, can be packed with insulation to meet energy code, and can be concealed with a layer of gypsum wall board on the interior -- all in the depth of 8". Turning Point wanted to generate a nice image to the surrounding neighborhood with the intention of not looking like a traditional church. So, in order to break up the large expanse of concrete, the wall panels were recessed at certain intervals to create shadow lines and visual interest. Curved tops were cast into the panels at the perimeter and above major entryways to denote importance.

With a limited budget, versatility of each space was essential. The design of the interior layout was a collaborative effort between the architect and the owner, employing some of the latest church trends to create a Third Place (Rex Miller - Millennium Matrix). Upon entering the facility, a person is greeted with a large commons area. This area is used as a church social space, queuing for the two services, and fellowship space, but is commonly set up as a café with high tables and chairs that sit in front of a fully functioning coffee shop. The commons area houses a column lined with plasma screen televisions and is crowned with a vaulted lay-in ceiling. Dominating the north wall of the commons area is an information kiosk set in front of a water feature. The information booth, partnered with the large commons area, provides an excellent point for way-finding. Corridors branch off the main commons space leading to their respective ministries. The Nursery and Children's areas both have security check-in stations with large signage for way finding. The corridors are 14 feet wide to encourage spontaneous gathering; rather than forcing people outside after a service, the facility provides room for people to linger, converse, forge relationships, and ultimately extend the church's ministries.

Keeping with the idea of versatility, the first phase of a large master plan, Turning Point's Worship Center was designed with a recreation facility in mind. Placing the main structure beyond the two corridors allows the church to push back the walls in the main worship area and make more room for seating as the church grows. As other buildings are built on site, the walls in the worship area can be removed in their entirety and make room for a basketball court. Placing the stage in the corner allows for a fan-shaped configuration with seating, and pushes the stage out into the space to help people connect with the pastor. Seating is made up of individual chairs in lieu of pews to accommodate multiple configurations and uses in the space as the needs arise. Platform extensions were built into the stage, but can be reconfigured to accommodate weddings, productions, or services. Multiple clouds of lay-in ceiling tiles, topped with 6" batt insulation, allow sound to die into the acoustics, reduce square footage of ceiling material, and create an innovative look to the ceiling.

The administrative area is a temporary area with four offices, a work room, and a reception area. All walls are constructed of gypsum wall board on metal stud, and can be removed and reconfigured easily as the church's needs grow and change.

Merit Award - Bi-Annual Design Awards
2007 AIA - Lubbock Chapter



Turning Point Community Church

Turning Point Worship Center

Commons Area

Children's Ministry

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