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Patriot Plaza
Lubbock International Airport / Silent Wings Museum

PSC was commissioned by the Lubbock International Airport to create and develop a plaza area that will serve as the entry and focal point for the Silent Wings Museum. Patriot Plaza provides a visual anchor for the museum entry as well as the exterior static displays. The plaza creates an outdoor area to honor and memorialize glider pilots and other fallen heroes who supported the pilots for their contribution to past war efforts.

The plaza experience begins at the parking lot with a carefully detailed walking path lined with trees and landscaped planters. The pathway is created with a combination of brick pavers, colored/textured concrete and custom designed and lighted traffic bollards, all which lead visitors to the plaza. The style of the parking lot light fixtures were selected to coordinate with the plaza theme and bright colored banners designed and installed on the light fixture poles to begin to help establish the theme of the plaza and museum.

The plaza is flanked on two sides with partial height brick walls and an opening for the building entry. The walls are trimmed with cast stone which emulates the fuselage of a glider aircraft, while providing seating and a place for visitors to lean and carry on a conversation. A 16-foot diameter coat of arms cast of terrazzo provides the focal point of the plaza, while a raised bronze plaque educates visitors of the contribution that glider aircraft and pilots played in the war.


Patriot Plaza at the Silent Wings Museum

Patriot Plaza at the Silent Wings Museum

Patriot Plaza at the Silent Wings Museum

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