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Covenant Women's & Children's Hospital
Covenant Health System - Lubbock, Texas

This project was the renovation of Covenant Medical Center - Lakeside Hospital (Former St. Mary Hospital) for the consolidation of Covenant Health System's Women services and expansion of the children's hospital. The scope of work consisted of renovating the north wing of the facility for OB/GYN services on the second, third and fourth floors. The central and south wings of the first, second & third floors was renovated for the Children's Hospital. The Children's Hospital consists of 54 Med/Surg beds, 23 PICU beds and a 40 bed NICU. In addition to renovating the existing facility, an atrium/play yard expansion was constructed to expand the public space of the hospital and create a new identity space for the Women & Children's Hospital.

This five-story renovation provided a unique opportunity for PSC's Interiors Department to design a theme-based facility while providing detailed space planning, wayfinding and a cohesive campus image. The importance of building a theme that speaks to all potential users provided direction for the idea of constant physical and mental interaction by occupants in each space. This led to the Discovery theme where multiple ideas can be played upon tangibly, visibly, and spiritually.



Covenant Lakeside Hospital

Covenant Lakeside Hospital Lobby

Covenant Lakeside Children's Hospital

Covenant Lakeside Hospital Neonatal ICU

Covenant Lakeside Hospital Birthing Room

Covenant Lakeside Hospital Patient Room


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