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Hereford Ethanol Plant
Panda Energy International, Inc.,
Hereford, Texas

Panda Development Group contracted with Lurgi PSI to develop and construct a 100 million gallon ethanol facility as a design-build project. PSC provided engineering design services which included grading, rail and roadway design, and site utilities improvements.

The roadway design included realigning and reconstructing CR 8, which led from US 60 to the plant entrance and consisted of approximately 6,000 LF of roadway. The roadway plans were designed to meet TxDOT standards and involved close coordination with TxDOT and BNSF for the installation of the at grade crossing and a new turnout in the BNSF mainline. Phasing of construction on this project was critical since this mainline track carries over 75 trains per day. PSC designed a Unit Train loop track consisting of 23,000 track feet of rail to deliver raw and finished product to the new plant. The rail design included a double loop that was closely coordinated with BNSF.


Hereford Ethanol Plant - Panda Energy

Hereford Ethanol Plant - Panda Energy


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