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Milwaukee Avenue
Lubbock, Texas

This project provides for the construction and extension of 3.7 miles of Milwaukee Avenue, from 34th Street to 92nd Street, in the City of Lubbock, in Lubbock County, Texas.

The brand new 7-lane urban arterial consisted of new-location roadway construction using 8" continuously-reinforced concrete pavement, 3.7 miles in length. The roadway crosses three major city arterials and two state-maintained highways with at grade intersections. Along with the roadway construction, a 20" water main was installed for the entire length of the project as well as 4200 feet new sanitary sewer as well as surface drainage structures. The project also included the excavation and mechanical compaction of 50,000 CY of sanitary sewer trench ahead of roadway construction due to prior surface subsidence.

This project was taken from conception to completion in just over two years. In less than one year, the project moved from conception to contract bidding. This 7-lane thoroughfare project was funded entirely by the City of Lubbock and adjacent landowners. It was the first time the City of Lubbock built a major thoroughfare ahead of adjacent development, collecting roadway funds from land owners up front to help fund the project.

Construction of miscellaneous work consisted of Excavation and Re-compaction of backfill along 2.3 miles of sanitary sewer, Installation of a 0.8 mile long 15-inch sanitary sewer, Installation of a 1.2 mile long 20-inch water main and a 1.9 mile long 16-inch water main, Earthwork, Roadway Grading, Structures, Concrete Paving, Traffic Signals, Signs, and Pavement Markings.

Project of the Year - 2006 Texas Public Works Association
Texas Public Works Association


Milwaukee Avenue

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