At Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, our highest priority is the health, safety, and welfare of our employees, clients, and colleagues. Our mission statement is Building Community. As our communities are being profoundly affected by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have thoughtfully considered and will continue to consider what we can do at Parkhill not only to build our communities but help protect them.

We are taking precautions recommended by the CDC and other governmental agencies, which include Healthy Practices, Social Distancing, and Travel Restrictions. To help reduce the spread of the virus, we are:

Healthy Practices

  • Requiring employees that feel ill, have symptoms, or who have recently visited high-risk regions to self-quarantine for at least 14 days and the symptoms subside.
  • Providing a healthy work environment where our employees can wash/sanitize hands and avoid close contact following CDC Guidelines.
  • Cleaning our workspace daily with CDC approved disinfectants.

Social Distancing

  • Limiting office meetings to four participants and utilizing videoconferencing technologies.
  • Minimizing office visitors by canceling educational seminars and vendor presentations until further notice.
  • Equipping employees to work from home if necessary, utilizing video and cloud technologies.

Travel and Meeting Policy

  • Restricting non-essential travel.
  • Postponing or canceling non-project related events or activities that require congregation of groups larger than 50 people following CDC Guidelines.

Parkhill has faithfully served our communities for 75 years during times of need. We understand that these safety measures may make our approach to creating inventive, relevant solutions for you different than in the past. However, at Parkhill, we have never been more committed to serving our clients’ needs than during the uncertainty of this outbreak. With this resolve, we will overcome these challenges to serve your project needs now and in the days ahead.