PSC was tasked with a perplexing problem in the Upper Valley Water Treatment Plant: how to smoothly install a long traveling bridge crane over the operating flocculation basins in a tight building without harming light fixtures and other hardware. Before, operations personnel had to “muscle it out” and cart items down a stairwell that made two 90-degree turns or convey it manually to another building.

Replacing equipment under a pitched roof was difficult. PSC provided design, bid and construction phase services to ensure the crane system was suitable for moving equipment weighing up to a half ton outside to a monorail that can lift up to a ton of equipment. With the monorail hoist and platform, workers can lower items over the edge rather than going down several flights of stairs and back up.

PSC also analyzed every piece of equipment, including flocculator shafts, motors, gearboxes and inclined plates, and realized a smaller size of crane and monorail could do the job. This and recommending eliminating a jib crane on top of one of the sedimentation basins resulted in saving El Paso Water a significant amount of money.

Safer solution