When its landfill reached its capacity, Teton County needed a transfer station to take the garbage to another state. Gordon Environmental (now Gordon/PSC) was subconsultant engineering manager of this multi-phased, multifaceted, challenging Transfer Station project in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

The station could not be shut down. Instead of rebuilding half the station at a time, engineers handled the challenge by designing an interim station.

Another challenge was to keep the heavily loaded trucks from slipping on icy roads in winter. Heavy trucks now climb practical inclines.

Lastly, workers needed a solid level to build on. Trash tends to be unstable, so 30,000 cubic yards of it was removed from the multiple levels to obtain a firm foundation.

One of the unusual aspects of this project is that most residents bring their own trash. The team designed a layout that promoted safety on multiple levels.

Because this is an extremely high-profile project for the community, care was taken in how it will be viewed both from all vantage points, including the choice of colors.