In the beginning, PSC was hired by the City of Perryton and Ochiltree County to complete a new project that originated as a renovation and rehabilitation of the parallel taxiway at the Perryton/Ochiltree County Airport. As a part of this project, PSC was required to produce a Preliminary Engineering Report, which discovered that the runway and parallel taxiway did not meet the new separation distance requirements for an airport their size and for the type of aircraft that frequent the airport. Due to that discovery, the scope of the project was changed to include the reconstruction of the taxiway and increase the runway/taxiway separation distance from 200 feet to 240 feet.

This had some unintended consequences that PSC needed to work through.  Two of those issues were having to move an existing hangar that would have ended up in the new taxiway’s object-free zone and moving the airport’s existing fuel system, because the new taxiway would reduce the main parking apron’s surface area. As a result of those two issues, the Perryton/Ochiltree County Airport was able to establish a new hangar development area that has already seen the construction of an additional hangar and construction of a fueling system that better serves the aircraft that purchase fuel at the airport.

Perryton Ochiltree County Airport from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.