PSC was retained by the City of Levelland and the Levelland Economic Development Corporation to plan, plat and design the infrastructure improvements needed for a 400-acre rail park.

The park was planned in two bid phases: one for streets, water and sewer and the second for rail improvements. The streets, water and sewer phase included 14,589 square yards of 8-inch concrete pavement, a cast-in-place concrete box culvert, 2,700 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer and 9,900 linear feet of 12-inch water line. The rail project consisted of 22,000 track feet of rail, drainage improvements and a significant amount of bulk excavation. Additionally, the park was designed so that there are no at-grade roadway/railway crossings which eases truck and rail traffic during loading and unloading.

One of the challenges presented by this rail park was drainage. The plains regions of the Texas Panhandle are notoriously flat and so drainage must be carefully designed if it is to be effective. PSC designed a combination of street flow, channel flow, box culvert systems and storage ponds to address storm water runoff within the park.