The contractor is installing Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP). This is a trenchless rehabilitation method to repair corroded and deteriorated pipe.  This method reduces impact to traffic in and around the project site and is faster than the typical open-cut method.

After a heavy storm in July 2017, El Paso Water experienced issues with a segment of their system in Northwest El Paso. Parts of the system comprised of corrugated metal pipe had corroded over its 30-year life. The large areas of deterioration were in dire need of repair. The existing line was located on Belvidere Avenue and crossed Westwind Drive, two heavily-traveled arterial roads in El Paso. Belvidere has a center turning lane, and Westwind has a divided median. Both roads are four-lane roadways. Due to the volume of traffic on these roads and the potential impact on motorists by closing the intersection, El Paso Water asked PSC to determine if trenchless technologies would be the best solution for the project. After an initial evaluation, Insituform Technologies was selected based on cost, production rate and ability to maintain as much of the original diameter as possible.  Because of the fast-track schedule, the project required close coordination with the El Paso Water operations staff and with the City of El Paso for traffic control and El Paso Water operations staff. The duration from initiation of the project to final completion was about six months.