The beauty of the award-winning Roberto R. Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant is that the treated wastewater can be used in multiple ways.

The Bustamante WTP provides reclaimed water to either the Riverside Canal, which helps with industrial irrigation, or the Riverside Drain to serve the Rio Bosque Wetlands Preserve. The plant could also provide reclaimed water to industries in the Riverside Industrial Park. It originally was referred to as the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant for the Lower Valley area of El Paso. The Bustamante plant came online with a permitted capacity of 39 million gallons per day and currently, the plant cleans approximately 27 million gallons of wastewater per day.

The plant uses advanced secondary treatment through state-of-the-art extended aeration activated sludge processes, biological nitrification, and caustic air scrubbers for odor control. The dual-use project has won El Paso Water several awards by such groups as the National Association of Clean Water Agencies and the EPA.