PSC worked with the City of Las Cruces to improve the city’s downtown via the conversion of one-way streets into two-way pedestrian-friendly streets using NACTO design guidelines. Several years of planning, public involvement, stakeholder coordination, traffic studies, regional growth studies and pedestrian walkability reports indicated that the one-way to two-way conversion would revitalize Downtown Las Cruces. The design involved street design, traffic signals, landscaping, illumination and utility design, and improvements to alleyways with architectural elements meant to provide a safe and inviting atmosphere where people can gather and interact. Aesthetic improvements included colored and stamped sidewalks, street trees lining the sidewalks, landscaping and ornamental light poles.

Pedestrian friendly elements consisted of wider sidewalks, curb extensions and improved parking. Green infrastructure was implemented into the curb extensions as alternate bid items. On-street parking was increased to aid in the development of the city’s core. The design incorporated a combination of parallel and back-in angle parking throughout the corridor. The area’s aging utility infrastructure was also replaced. The completion of this revitalization will play an important role in spurring economic growth and attracting pedestrians into the city’s central hub.