The City of Levelland is a growing community that serves nearly 14,000 West Texans. When driving to Levelland, it is hard to miss their many elevated storage tanks. The water tank that welcomes every resident and visitor is the Adam’s Street EST. This tank has served Levelland for many years and was in need of a tremendous facelift. Within the last few years, the city has dealt with frequent leaks out of the bowl of the tank. The city’s desire was to fast-track this rehabilitation.

City of Levelland Adams Street Elevated Storage Tank from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.

The rehab project consisted of an over-coat paint system, new handrail at the top of the bowl, new access hatches, adding the city’s logo and many more necessary updates. The interior of the tank, after the rehab began, showed the tank was still in great condition but needed extra attention in declining areas. With an epoxy filler, the tank interior was brought back to life which saved the existing steel from completely deteriorating and leaking. The finishing touch on the tank was painting the city’s official logo which now faces the city and welcomes every person who passes through the community.

This tank rehabilitation project was a crucial, unexpected project for the city and PSC was able to coordinate taking the tank out of service at the right time of the year, and our contractor was able to get the tank back into services quicker than expected. This 500,000-gallon water storage tank is now back in service.