Unique in its complexity and size, the El Paso County Regional Water and Wastewater Service Plan identified a total of $720M in infrastructure needs through 63 individual projects, including 15 water distribution and 48  wastewater collection projects. The plan identified $267M in water and wastewater capital projects over the next ten years.

The service plan centered on identifying and assessing the conditions in colonias within El Paso County that are currently unserved by a centralized water and/or wastewater system. Although colonias make up only 5 percent of the county population, they contain two-thirds of Texans with the highest needs for water and wastewater services. In the service plan, we identified the infrastructure required to provide these areas service from the major water and wastewater systems within the county.

Projects were scored and ranked based on criteria that focused on cost-effectiveness and need. The plan evaluated the costs per customer, including capital, debt service and ongoing operations and maintenance costs, to determine minimum assistance needed to maintain affordable rates. The plan will serve as a roadmap for area utilities to prioritize and pursue projects that will make the greatest improvements to public health.