The goals for the additions and renovations at Horizon High School in Clint, Texas, were mainly threefold:

  • To upgrade the school with a new façade, cafetorium and classrooms
  • To include the 9th grade at the high school
  • To provide a secure entry and enhance safety

As part of a bond package, PSC was retained to design the additions and renovations to the Horizon HS campus. The school’s master plan included a classroom addition, a new entry, a new cafetorium and kitchen, a CATE building, expansion of the nurse’s space, a main central interior corridor that connects all campus buildings, and many other various improvements. As part of the plan for the school, the front façade was designed to identify the main entrance. The design included an enhanced entry plaza that incorporated large panes of glass to let in natural light and create an open feel. Throughout the rest of the campus, a main corridor was constructed connecting all individual buildings to essentially create one large building. This corridor was also designed to improve the security of the school. Additional cameras have been incorporated and access to school will be further secured with proxy cards and door sensors.

Horizon High School Additions & Renovations from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper on Vimeo.

Other extensive improvements were made to the site, such as 8 new tennis courts with post-tensioned concrete and a dedicated restroom building, 3 basketball courts, 4 handball courts, a stand-alone trainers’ building near the gymnasium, and expansion of the existing weight room. A track and field upgrade and installing refrigerated air are also part of the project.

The school added a new parking lot to accommodate 411 parking spaces, a dedicated concrete bus drive and a service drive, and a new code-compliant fire lane and landscaping around the school, PSC also addressed and resolved various campus drainage problems.

The school previously housed 10th through 12th grades, but it was the desire of the district to include the 9th grade at the campus. A classroom building addition holds 9 classrooms and 2 laboratories. The building is adjacent to the existing administration area and library which is parallel to the main entrance and near the cafetorium. The previous dining facility was separated into two spaces by a main hallway, which made the space inefficient during meal times. The new cafetorium is ample sized and designed to be multi-purposed for various student programs as well as after-hour community activities. A new state-of-the-art kitchen has four serving lines to provide timely serving.

Another feature of the school is the career and technology building which will support the growth of CATE curricula. This building incorporates a fire technology program space, an adjoining construction trades lab space and additional lecture classroom.

As part of Package 3, the existing dining spaces were re-purposed to become a counselors suite, a courtroom classroom, additional restrooms, lecture classrooms, uniform storage, and offices. The newest parts of the project include a courtroom, a vocational area and an ROTC space.

“I believe we gave our students a facility to be proud of and something that motivates them to be better. Ultimately that’s what we want—we want our students to be the very best. People don’t think that a facility makes a difference but it does.”

Elena Acosta, Principal of Horizon High School