PSC University- A Commitment to Continuing Education

Established in 2003, PSC University is an annual two-day continuing education program for all PSC employees. Occurring in Lubbock every year, PSCU is a tremendous opportunity for employees not only to learn about the latest info pertinent to their profession, but also to get to know their colleagues from each of PSC’s offices. Participants get the opportunity to learn about issues specific to the design disciplines which make up the firm and showcase the latest work and success of PSC’s team of dedicated employees.

PSCU provides its employees with continuing education credits in a first-class learning environment. The event is focused on 36 sessions over two days. Bringing all employees together for the event gives PSC an incredible opportunity for team building. Firm-wide strategies are enhanced with creative general sessions and social events.

Check out some examples of classes offered at PSC University 2017

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