psc_investmentParkhill, Smith & Cooper’s mission statement of Building Community reaches far beyond the vast amount of architecture and engineering projects in West Texas. Their more than 300 employees use the company’s ventures and inspired contributions to transform the communities they work in and serve each and every day.

PSC’s Community Investment Initiative is grounded in a commitment by PSC to return 1 percent of its revenue to the communities it serves. PSC illustrates the idea of Building Community through grants, employee matching gifts and pro-bono services.

To date, PSC has donated more than $600,000 to fund more than 40 projects for community organizations. But it’s not just about the money donated or free services. PSC employees volunteer at soup kitchens, canned food drives, and fundraisers to directly build community with the people in the organizations they help.

“That kind of impact is worth every dollar a hundred times over. We see the program is growing and improving through the employee involvement we’ve had with these organizations and the feedback we’ve received. And once we see those projects completed, we know then that we’ve made that impact we’ve been looking for.”

– PSC President & CEO Joe Rapier